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Why should I use STYLEHUB?

Our community gathers the best fashion, beauty, and home decor influencers online. If you love lifestyle posts and everything pretty, you are in the right place with us.

Here, you can discover hundreds of fashionistas, lifestyle influencers and thousands of mix and match looks, makeup ideas and inspiration posts. No matter your taste, you will find your daily inspirations on STYLEHUB.

But that is not all, the best part is you can follow your favorite influencers and earn rewards if you support their looks. You are already liking, commenting and sharing the posts you love. How cool is that now you can get rewarded for that?

Start participating in influencers looks and accumulate DIFO coins (our digital currency) and exchange them for product or services on our online store.

I am a user, how do I join the community?

We welcome every like-minded fashion and lifestyle fan to join us. To join our community and see how it works, please click here.

Who are The Influencers?

Our influencers are professionals and insiders of the fashion, beauty and home decor industry. Some of them are creative people wanting to showcase their unique style and work. Some of them are the best fashion bloggers. Every one of them has joined the community because of their love and passion for fashion and lifestyle topics.

How Can I Contact The Influencers?

You can connect with any influencer simply by browsing their profile pages or connecting with them via their social media pages.

What is the difference between a STYLEHUB "verified Influencer" and a "Fan" or general user?

Being a "Verified Influencer" in STYLEHUB means that you are an expert. You have a great taste and people should follow you. Becoming a Verified Influencer is by application only. STYLEHUB only approve fashion, beauty and home decor influencers with a blog and great looks and professional photography looks.

As a Verified Influencer you will have your own fan page and you will be able to personalise your space and to be followed and contacted. You can promote your brands and products and use your own affiliate marketing links on your photos. Also, you will be able to promote your posts on STYLEHUB to get more likes, comments or shares online.

Being a "Fan" means that you are a fashion and lifestyle lover. You love beautiful things and you want to get inspired by the pros. You do not have a fashion blog but you love everything fashionable and follow trends and the people that make the trends. You can also share your looks for fun to get commented or liked by the community.

How Can I Follow the influencers I like?

You can save your favorite influencers simply by checking their daily news looks or by "following" their profiles. When you like a photo or look from one of your favorite influencers posts, it will automatically be saved to your personal profile page.

How can I become a Verified Influencer?

Are you a fashion, beauty or home decor blogger? If so, after you joined STYLEHUB as a general user or "Fan" by login using Gmail or your Facebook account. You can apply to become a Verified Influencer in your profile page. At the left hand side of the menu bar, you will see Become an Influencer button, click it and give us one of your social media addresses. We will verify your identity and approve your application. Once you are approved, you will see your new title (Influencer) on your Dashboard.

You also can apply by click here.

For Influencers

Why should I use STYLEHUB?

STYLEHUB is a community-based platform for fashion, beauty and lifestyle influencers to connect and help each other to get more engagement, likes and followers on their social media channels while earning rewards.

How it works:

1. Help promote social media posts from influencers in the feed page.

2. Accumulate and earn DIFO coins (our own digital currency) and exchange them for products or services on our upcoming shop.

3. Create looks to promote your social media posts, get more likes, comments and shares online.

I am a lifestyle influencer, where can I find more information about joining?

We are always ready to embrace new fashion, beauty and interior design influencers. We want to support the best lifestyle influencers and help them get more exposure online, so joining our community is by application only. To register with us and get approved, please click here.

What is the main benefit to use STYLEHUB?

As a verified Influencer, you can use STYLEHUB to share your looks and posts everyday, and use your own affiliate links to earn commission. Get noticed within the community by adding tags, share your looks to Facebook and Instagram, or create short links to share in anywhere else.

STYLEHUB is also a platform to network and collaborate with like-minded people and help promote each other while earning DIFO coins (our own digital currency). Help promote, like, comment or share the influencer's post you love and be rewarded for it. Accumulate your rewards towards promoting your own content or exchange your DIFO coins on the STYLEHUB store.

How can I promote my personal brand?

Stay connected - Write a bio, keep it updated, and make your personality and experience shine.

Stay visible - Add links to your website and social media channels, and present your business 360º.

Stay Stylish - A picture is worth a thousand words! Upload your looks to the platform, and showcase your work, collections, and looks 24 / 7 to inspire your fans.

Support fellow influencers - The best way to be promoted is by promoting and supporting others first. Once you have helped others, they will be happy to come and support your work too.

How to add a look?

Within your profile, click +ADD LOOKS from your Dashboard page, follow the 3 simple steps. Edit, add your affiliate links, view or delete images and tag items.

What are the benefits for adding looks?

Keeping your profile up to date will make you discoverable on the platform. By adding your looks to STYLEHUB in a regular basis will keep your fans engaged with your looks and visiting your website and social media profiles. You can tag your looks and use your own affiliate links to earn commissions every time someone purchase from your link.

In addition, adding looks to your profile regularly will increase the chance to be promote by us on our social media channels, looks and newsletters.

How would the fans contact me?

If our fans love the looks and posts you created, they may comment under, give you a message via our platform or contact you by email. Don not forget to check your inbox and email regularly.